ClassicCloseouts - Never got my money back

Tucson, Arizona 0 comments

Some where in 2007 i return some clothing back on two separate returns and my ups showed me both was recieved an sign by them but i only got credited for one return which i return two orders in two boxes how can they not know anything about the other return when both was recieve and sign by that person on my ups record.I was ask to show proof of my ups record and i sent it to them and kept getting the same email that they still working on it and after a yer gone by I gave up knowing i already got ripped off until now I still think of it wondering why I haven't got my money refund.How can they refund me on only one return and not the other order wwhich was recieve by them on thesame day.I mean 80 something dollars is still my hard working money and hope everyone that see this become more aware of this company!They got no phone number on their web site for me to even call I got so sick of trying to fight for what that belongs to me thru emails.Well I'm done dealing with trying to when i get my money back but if they get their record more organize maybe someday after all these year i will recieve my refund and will be happy but right now i'm dissapointed.

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ClassicCloseouts - Ripped off too!

Lincoln, Nebraska 0 comments
Not resolved

I placed on order online on October 2nd. I received my confimation number by email on my order but I never received my ordered items.

I attempted to reach them by email on two occasions with my concerns and never received an email response as to the whereabouts of the items I ordered.

Classic closeouts is a perfect example of bad business. I would recommend that you never, never place an order with them.

I fear what they will do with the debit card information I gave them as well!

This is the first time I have experienced any problem with online orders and I will be very careful in the future!

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ClassicCloseouts - 8/09 wish i had seen this they got me too!

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they got me also how can we take them down get them off of the internet i know (God will) we need someone to work on our behalf i thank God i did not use my credit card i have informed paypal so hopefully they will not allow them to continue to use their name when i see paypal i feel safe but now i dont know i will have to just start going to the stores again CLASSICECLOSEOUT.COM you are going to pay and you will give back these people their monies now now now now now now

Classiccloseouts never refunded my $57 bucks!

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I bought some clothing in on September 5, 2008 and returned them on September 16, 2008 following their return instructions with insurance in it but months have passed and they never refunded my money.I tried sending emails many times and only got one response saying that they'll process it but until now still nothing!

Their customer service was so terrible! Customers don't be ripped off.

Beware and be careful in buying from, until now they never refunded my $57.96 no matter how many times I tried to contact them.I will never buy from them again.

ClassicCloseouts - Waiting on a refund! 30 days!!!

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I sent a few items back to CC.Two sweaters that ran too small (one was also damaged-no tag, and had a spot on it-clearly worn before!), and a shirt that looked ridiculous.

The items were delivered to CC on Sept. 18th. It is now Oct. 14th, and I have yet to recieve my money back.

I emailed and recieved a response on Oct 1st, stating that the return was just recently processed and to wait a few business days for the credit to appear. That was 2 weeks ago! I jus sent another email demanding my money back by the end of the week.

If that's not done, I'm contacting the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office. won't ship my order

New York, New York 6 comments
Not resolved

I ordered a *** jacket from it didn't even take them a day to charge the credit card.I order this jacket on September 25, 2008 and it still hasn't been shipped.

I've e-mailed them bunch of times and I never get an answer. I called them and still no answer the only thing I get is a voice mail. I don't know what to do because the credit card isn't mine and I don't know what to tell the person I borrowed it from.

Why can't people these days act like humans and not steal money and stuff.

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I used someone else's credit to charge my order what should i do


I would dispute the charge.ClassicCloseouts has been on a roll lately particularly when it comes to card fraud.

I was charged by them 3 months in a row and never could get through to anyone.BTW, there have been so many complaints against them recently that Trust-E has revoked their license...meaning they are no longer considered a trusted vendor by Trust-E.


I was told to call the credit card company but the thing is that its not my credit card its someone elses


The same thing has happened to me...I ordered few items a month back..

There is no reply to any of the mails i sent..what do we do?


Ummm I used someone else credit card


:( i hope you did not give them your credit card. they have a pattern of unauthorized use and fraud.

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ClassicCloseouts - Unauthorized Fraudulent charges for $69.99

Morgan Hill, California 2 comments
Not resolved

Unauthorized Fraudulent charges from, in the past 2 weeks they’ve charged my credit card twice for $69.99. I have NOT done business with them for the past 6 months, but they continue to charge my credit card fraudulently.

Calls to 516-538-1616 & 516-569-5390 went straight to voice mail, so I had to leave numerous messages to no avail. I’ve alerted my bank’s fraud department. I had to close my account to prevent future charges.

Do not use this merchant. Do not buy anything from They are fraud!!!!! I’ll report them to the authorities tomorrow.

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I too was a victim of Classic Closeouts fraud.They charged my card twice for $69.99 and once for $79.99.

Tried to call and can only get voicemail. I disputed with my credit card company and they investigated and sent me CC's response. CC said "the transaction originally transpired in response to a membership enrollment for which I was enrolled. The membership enrollment invitation was e-mailed to the customer and the customer specifically physically selected which program they desired to enroll." It went on to say that the invitation was sent only to and existing customer base, and typically to customers that had historically placed more than 3 orders annually.

I have never heard of and can only remember ordering from once several years ago. There was a lot more BS in the letter. It also said "we are sure the cardholder will accordingly validate this charge and disregard the dispute".

I am disputing the charge again and would like to start a class action lawsuit aginst them for fraud.Anyone else interested?


This is real. It actually happened to me as well. I too tried to contact and got voice mail and now have to call in a fraud with my bank.


ClassicCloseouts - ClassicCloseOut

Madison, Wisconsin 2 comments
Not resolved

I noticed last week that there was a pending charge on my debit card for $59.99, and didn't know what this was for. I contacted my banking institution to find out more information. They said nothing could be done until the charge actually went through and gave me a contact number where the charge originated. I called and received a recording identifying themselves as classiccloseout, asking me to leave my name and number for them to return my call.

Well, there has been no returned call, the charge has gone through, I've left 3 additional msgs for them (still no returned call), I've called my bank that says they need to close out my account/card and have me complete a dispute form.

I asked when I can expect some type of resolve, and there answer was, they don't know how long the merchant will take to respond to the dispute.

So, in summary, I probably will never feel confident about ordering anything online again (I very rarely ever order anything online, and this is why). I'm going to look into some legal action.

I'm sure this isn't the first time classiccloseout has done this from reading the other postings.

So, good-luck ClassicCloseOuts to dealing with all the customers you've "pissed-off"!

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They got me too.3 charges.

I disputed with credit card company and they investigated. They sent me classic closeouts response, which basically said I had enrolled in there membership through an e-mail they sent. I never received an e-mail and never enrolled in anything. My big question is If the charges are for an enrollment, why bill 3 times.

I suspect you will get the same response when you dispute.

I would like for everyone who has been affected to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them.There's a lot of people been charged the same thing.


They did the same thing to me, so i called them trying to reach the customer service but everytime i called them, they asked me to leave a message and never returned my call.The did big fraud on my account.

Call you bank and do some dispute action on them.That's the only way you will get your money back.

Good luck next time.

ClassicCloseouts -

Woodbridge, Virginia 1 comment
Not resolved

We were charged $79.99. We tried to contact them via phone and email and received no response.

We were told by another company that a free shipping membership was offered via email and that you could cancel it within 30 days. We have never heard from them via email.

Last time we placed an order with them was on October 31, 2006. Delete your credit card on file asap. Even if you don't think that they have your credit card on file, check.

We really hope that they are stopped. Why should anyone contact someone via email anyway and charged without permission for free shipping? Especially when you haven't ordered from them in awhile.



Same thing happened here. I would like to get a class action lawsuit started. If everyone who reads this that has been frauded by classic closeouts would post here we could probably get it going.

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